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05 Jun 2019




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 05 Jun 2019

A webcam can have more uses than showing your face when you chat with someone over VoIP. If you have a high-quality webcam, you can use Real3D CamViewer record video and take snapshots. It works with any type of webcam, regardless of quality and performance, and it places a few useful options at your disposal, which allow you to make various adjustments in real time. The application's controls are easy to master, and the best part is that it works straight out of the box, so you can start recording right away, without making any complicated preparations.

Downloading and installing Real3D CamViewer is a straightforward operation, which should only take a few seconds to complete. It works on all modern Windows systems, and it supports both 32 and 64-bit versions. Furthermore, you can launch the application right away, without installing any additional tools or services.

Real3D CamViewer comes with a clean and simple user interface. The largest part of the window is where your webcam's feed will show up, immediately after you click a button in the lower-right corner. The controls for taking snapshots and recording are located in the same area, so you can take pictures and film around your computer without delay. Of course, you can record further away from your computer because the software provides full support for LAN cameras and other devices that aren't restricted by a USB cable.

The options in the top menu allow you to rotate and flip the feed, switch between RGB and Greyscale modes, enable face tracking, and make a wide range of visual adjustments. You can bring up a series of sliders on the right side of the interface and use them to increase or decrease the brightness, contrast, offset, gamma, blur the feed, make it smoother or sharper, change the color hue, posterize the image and much more.

Everything you do, from the smallest tweak to the most significant change, will take effect immediately. In other words, you can work continuously, and even if you change your mind about something, your workflow won't get interrupted. You can just plug in your webcam, start recording and focus on what you want to do until you're done.

Real3D CamViewer's simple and straightforward functionality is exactly what you need if you wish to record with your webcam.


You can record video and take snapshots with your webcam. The software places a wide range of adjustment options at your disposal. You can install it in under a minute and master its controls just as fast.


You may see some image tearing in the upper-right region if you move the camera too fast.

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